• Airspeeder Mk4 eVTOL Unveiled Ahead of First Crewed Flying Car Racing Series

    Airspeeder Mk4 eVTOL Unveiled Ahead of First Crewed Flying Car Racing Series

    Alauda Aeronautics, an electric aviation company based in Adelaide, Australia, has unveiled its latest “flying car” called the Airspeeder Mk4. It is the first to be designed specifically for crewed racing flights as the league moves closer to enabling its racers to compete from the tracks in the skies. Impressive Machines Made for Racing The Airspeeder Mk4 is becoming the…

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  • Flying F1 Races Get Ready for the Future of Motorsports with

    Flying F1 Races : Get Ready for the Future of Motorsports with

    Are you ready for the future of motorsports? Australian company Alauda Aeronautics is working on making science fiction a reality with their latest creation: the Airspeeder Mk4, the “world’s fastest electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL)” that can reach 360 km/h in just 30 seconds. This impressive machine is powered by a Thunderstrike hydrogen turbo-generator that offers a maximum…

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  • MarioGPT AI-Generated Mario Levels for Endless Fun

    MarioGPT: AI-Generated Mario Levels for Endless Fun

    Super Mario Bros. has remained an iconic game for more than four decades, captivating fans with the thrilling adventures of Mario, the fearless plumber who valiantly rescues Princess Peach. Despite the game’s vast array of levels, some fans yearn for even more excitement, and this is where MarioGPT comes into play. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, MarioGPT can…

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  • Google-Intensifies-Its-Efforts-to-Compete-with-ChatGPT

    Google Intensifies Its Efforts to Compete with ChatGPT in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

    Recently, the artificial intelligence industry has experienced significant growth, attracting attention from both established tech companies and startups. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been a highly discussed AI model in recent weeks due to its ability to deliver accurate and relevant answers to our inquiries. Google, a tech behemoth, has announced that they have nearly matched ChatGPT’s capabilities and plan…

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  • Gimme-Summary-AI-Summarizing-Web-Articles-with-ChatGPT

    Gimme Summary AI: Summarizing Web Articles with ChatGPT

    Summarizing text on the web is not always easy, especially when the tools available are not performant. Recently, Resoomer was introduced, which offered good results but had some limitations. Today, we would like to present an alternative that has some interesting advantages: Gimme Summary AI. It is a free Chrome extension that summarizes web articles using ChatGPT. What is Gimme…

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  • Google-Unveils-Bard-Its-Answer-to-ChatGPT

    Google Unveils Bard, Its Answer to ChatGPT

    Google has shown how its search engine will integrate AI advancements with the introduction of Google Bard. Images of this new conversational service, based on LaMDA AI, were unveiled on the company’s blog, generating much excitement. As a potential alternative to ChatGPT, Bard appears to be capable of handling similar types of user requests. Google has shared a few examples…

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