Airship Knights Codes 2023 March (Super Rewards)

Introducing Airship Knights, a captivating role-playing and strategy game developed by Super Planet for mobile devices. With the Airship Knights Codes 2023, you can redeem diamonds to upgrade your characters, heroes, and abilities, ensuring a competitive edge. Immerse yourself in an arcane punk world filled with airships soaring through the sky and become the first airship captain from Cloud Island.

In Airship Knights, players create a team of more than 40 unique heroes and knights, each with different abilities. Engage in 10-second time attack battles, earn extra equipment, and face increasingly stronger opponents. As you level up automatically, spend your resources and experience points to evolve your airship.

Explore a vast world map, featuring various challenges like the Arena for 1:1 PvP, Elemental Island to battle mythical creatures, Soul Dungeon to upgrade Knights Templar, Sky Tower filled with monsters, Raids to subdue bosses with friends, and the Temple to overcome trials of the goddess. With 40 pixel knights boasting incredible looks and abilities, immerse yourself in this magical, animated fantasy world.

List of Airship Knights Codes 2023

Below we have created two lists for Airship Knights coupon codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you Bound Diamonds, Stone and Dust. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Airship Knights Coupon Codes 2023
FEATUREDAIRSHIPDiamonds x1000 (expire on 30th April)
100THCELEBRATEDiamonds x1000 and Magic Dust x3000 (expire on 30th April)
HAPPYLUNAR2023Diamonds x3000 (expire on 1st March 2023)
doctor2023Diamonds x500 (expire on 31st january 2023)
GVGXAIRSHIPDiamonds x800 (expire on 7th January 2023)
COMEONYOAdded on Saturday 7 January 2023, this coupon is redeemable for Diamonds x1,500, Legendary Weapon Ticket T1 x1, Recruit Ticket x5
HELLO2023To celebrate the new year 2023, you can redeem this coupon for Diamonds x2023 until 6th January
TIME2RESTARTDiamonds x800 (expire on 6th January 2023)
ANADIA500For Wednesday, December 21, you can get Diamonds x500 by redeeming this code until 31st
VQTOWER12This code was added on December 16th and is redeemable for Diamonds x800 until the 23
100KAIRSHIPSAdded on December 16, this code is valid until the end of 2022. It is redeemable for 3000 diamonds
APPLEAIRSHIPValid until December 18, this code is redeemable for 1000 diamonds
GOOAIRSHIPValid until December 18, this code is redeemable for 1000 diamonds
AIRSHIPLINERedeem this code for Diamonds x1000
AIRSHIPSTARTThis second code is probably permanent. It is redeemable for 2000 diamonds
AIRSHIPNOWHere is the first code of the game, created especially for its release. By redeeming it you can get your first 1000 Diamonds. Moreover, this code is valid until December 16th

Expired codes for Airship Knights

Alas, it is now too late to use them, the creator NetEase Games has put an expiration date.

  • None, they are all working

How do I redeem a Airship Knights Code ?

Airship Knights coupon Codes

To redeem a code in the game, you must follow the few steps below but especially have finished the tutorial. First, you must click on the Menu button located on the top right of the screen. Then, press the button on the right entitled “Super Rewards“. Then enter one of the Airship Knights Codes in the “Please enter the coupon code” text field. Confirm by pressing the blue “Confirm” button and get your reward.

Where to get new codes for Airship Knights?

For the moment, there is no official facebook account for Airship Knights, however, the new codes and information on the game will initially be broadcast on the account of the publisher SuperPlanet Games. Besides, many other games and information are available on it.

What is Airship Knights ?

Airship Knights, developed by Super Planet, is a mobile role-playing and strategy game set in an arcane punk world where airships dominate the skies. As the first airship captain from Cloud Island, you’ll assemble a team of over 40 heroes and knights, each with unique abilities. Participate in 10-second time attack battles to earn equipment, automatically level up, and face increasingly powerful opponents. To build the ultimate airship, spend your resources and experience points on upgrades and evolution.

This animated fantasy world offers an adventure story that combines magic and engineering, with engaging narratives for each knight. Break through infinite stages using AFK play and become a legendary hero. Strengthen your airship by enhancing its magic engine and managing eight cabins, including the Control Room, Engine Room, and Research Room.

Create a party of pixel knights with various attributes and positions, and help them grow through promotion, awakening, and equipment upgrades. Explore the expansive World Map, featuring Arena for 1:1 PvP, Elemental Island to battle mythical creatures, Soul Dungeon for Knights Templar upgrades, Sky Tower filled with monsters, Raids to fight bosses with friends, and the Temple to face the goddess’s trials.

Embrace the endless journey and return with even greater power to conquer the vast world of Airship Knights.

The publisher is also behind many other popular games. Here is a non-exhaustive list :

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  • Sword Master Story
  • Dungeon of Gods
  • Vahn’s Quest
  • JIO and the Magic Scrolls
  • Raising Archangel

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