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Destiny 2 Glitch God Mode: Invincibility in Campaign Mission

Destiny 2's Breakneck Mission Glitch Gives Players Immunity

A recently discovered glitch in Destiny 2’s Breakneck mission renders players invincible, making them impervious to damage. The glitch is easily replicable, and it affects both the specific campaign mission and the weekly repeatable variant. Destiny 2 has been facing several issues since the launch of Lightfall, but this invulnerability exploit is arguably the most broken one yet.

Destiny 2’s Current State and Previous Issues

Since the release of Lightfall, Destiny 2 has experienced numerous problems, such as progression-blocking bugs, issues with weapon damage, and complications in the revamped armor mod system. Bungie has been working on addressing these issues, but this newly discovered invulnerability glitch has added to the game’s woes.

Breakneck Mission Glitch Mechanics

In the Breakneck mission, players face challenging combat situations due to the high concentration of enemies in small rooms. However, popular Destiny 2 content creator Esoterickk has shared a video demonstrating a glitch that allows players to become immune to all damage, except for falling out of bounds. This glitch lets players complete the mission without the fear of dying, making it particularly useful for those attempting the Master difficulty.

How to Replicate the Destiny 2 Glitch

The video shows Esoterickk clearing the first set of Vex enemies before reaching the first traversal section. The player waits for a specific dialogue line, then retraces their steps back to Liming Harbor. Upon returning to the mission zone, the player becomes invulnerable to enemy damage. While the glitch is easy to replicate, players must first clear the initial wave of enemies, during which they remain vulnerable.

Upcoming Destiny 2 Patch and Glitch’s Future

Players eager to try out the invincibility glitch should do so soon, as Destiny 2’s next patch is expected to address various existing issues, including this glitch and the Deepsight puzzle chest bug in the game’s latest raid. While glitches granting immortality are generally well-received by the community, Bungie will likely work to resolve this exploit promptly.

In conclusion, the Destiny 2 glitch god mode in the Breakneck mission offers players invincibility, allowing them to complete the challenging mission with ease. However, with an upcoming patch set to address multiple in-game issues, the future of this invincibility glitch remains uncertain.


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