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Destiny 2 Mid-Season Update : Bungie’s Failure to Disclose Changes

Destiny 2 players were initially excited for the game’s mid-season content update, hoping for improvements to weapons and the meta. However, the undisclosed changes introduced by Bungie have caused a significant community outcry. Let’s dive into the changes that were not properly communicated to the players.

The Undisclosed Changes

Guardian Ability Nerfs

The undisclosed changes in Destiny 2’s mid-season update have left players feeling betrayed. Several Guardian abilities were nerfed, but the information was not included in the initial patch notes. Instead, Bungie released a post-launch patch note addendum via Twitter, leaving players feeling blindsided.

Orbs of Power Generation

Among the undisclosed changes, Bungie reduced the Guardians’ ability to generate Orbs of Power through the interaction of the Firepower and Heavy Handed mods. Players are disappointed that this significant change was not mentioned in the original patch notes.

Strand Grapple Ability and Grenade Kickstart Mods

Another example of undisclosed changes involves the Strand Grapple ability’s interaction with Grenade Kickstart mods, making it more difficult to chain grapples together. Additionally, the ability no longer receives a Super ability bonus while using the Ashes to Assets mod.

Impact on Player Experience

Disappointment in Narrative and Content

Players were already feeling let down by the narrative and content of Destiny 2’s Lightfall DLC and the ongoing Season of Defiance. The undisclosed changes in the mid-season update have only added to their disappointment and frustration.

Removal of Neomuna Farming Method

The mid-season update also quietly removed a popular Destiny 2 Neomuna farming method, making it harder for players to earn XP, weapons, and other materials on Neptune. The community is unhappy about this situation and critical of Bungie’s approach to these changes.

Community Reaction

Criticism and Skepticism

The Destiny 2 community has been quite vocal in their criticism of Bungie’s handling of the undisclosed changes. Many players are skeptical of the fact that some of the most problematic changes were only revealed later in a Twitter announcement, which was easy to overlook.

The Silver Lining

The Void Hunter Build

Despite the numerous undisclosed changes, there is a silver lining for Destiny 2 players. The powerful Void Hunter build remains available, as none of its major constituent parts have been disabled or nerfed yet. This offers some consolation to players who are frustrated with the other changes introduced in the mid-season update.

Bungie’s failure to disclose all the changes in Destiny 2’s mid-season update has led to significant community backlash. Players are disappointed with the undisclosed Guardian ability nerfs, the removal of the Neomuna farming method, and the overall impact on their gaming experience.


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