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Destiny 2 Nerf: Unique Titan Melee Build

The Origin of the Unique Build

Swords in Destiny’s History

Destiny 2 players have always been fascinated with the bladed weapons in-game since Swords were introduced in Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. The developers would even match the community’s enthusiasm by introducing a sword-based movement tech in Destiny 2 but promptly nerfed when players started to trivialize endgame content by skipping treacherous jumping sections.

Glaives in The Witch Queen Expansion

During The Witch Queen expansion, players would get their hands on Glaives, and intuitive buildcrafters were quick to realize the potential of the new weapon type by pairing them with exotics such as Necrotic Grips and Wormgod Caress for maximum carnage and fun.

The Synergy with Synthoceps

Season of the Seraph

During Season of the Seraph, Titan players combined the Biotic Enhancements perk of Synthoceps with the new Glaive-exclusive Close to Melee perk to achieve incredible damage numbers with minimal ammo consumption. The game registered Glaive hits as melee hits, providing players the full benefits of Synthoceps and other melee-oriented Exotic armors.

Vexcalibur and Overshields

Destiny 2’s new Exotic Glaive Vexcalibur also benefited from this interaction, producing similar damage results while providing Overshields to players.

The Impact of Patch

Damage Multiplier Changes

In the latest patch released yesterday, Bungie limited the value of the damage multiplier of Biotic Enhancements while wielding a Glaive.

Reddit User Atmosck’s Findings

A Reddit user named Atmosck posted the results of their detailed weapon testing after the patch, presenting a long table of damage values using different Glaives in different loadouts, showcasing the drastic change in numbers. In the detailed chart, Atmosck shares how pairing the Synthoceps with Winterbite and Vexcalibur leads to a meager 50% damage buff after the patch, compared to the previous 200%, while the buff goes up to 95% for the Legendary Judgment of Kelgorath.

The Aftermath of the Nerf

Solar Titans and Throwing Hammer

The user further states that hitting enemies with basic melee attacks while under the influence of Biotic Enhancements leads to higher damage values than Glaives. Most notably, Solar Titans using the Throwing Hammer melee ability can dish out 100,000 damage per hit with Synthoceps, making the subclass a viable alternative.

Synthoceps and Berserker

Furthermore, Synthoceps works wonders with Berserker, making Strand a lucrative choice in Destiny 2‘s new endgame.

The Future of Melee Builds in Destiny 2

Bungie’s Approach to Endgame Content

Many players are mourning the loss of a unique DPS option, noting how the melee-oriented Titan is now restricted from entirely investing in close-quarters combat. And with Bungie taking steps to eliminate easy endgame gear farming in Destiny 2, this nerf might indicate what the developers are planning for future sandbox changes.

Limiting Easy Gear Farming

Bungie’s decision to nerf the Titan melee build could be a sign of their commitment to maintaining a balanced and challenging endgame experience. As players adapt and find new ways to optimize their gameplay, Bungie will continue to make adjustments to ensure that no single strategy becomes too dominant.

The Destiny 2 nerf to the unique Titan melee build has undoubtedly changed the landscape for close-quarter combat strategies. While some players may feel disappointed by the loss of a powerful DPS option, the nerf presents an opportunity for renewed creativity in buildcrafting and encourages diversity in gameplay styles. As the Destiny 2 community continues to evolve, players can expect ongoing changes from Bungie to maintain a balanced and engaging endgame experience.


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