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Diablo 4 Open Beta Reward and Earn the Beta Wolf Pack at Launch

As Diablo 4’s highly anticipated open beta approaches, players are gearing up to try out the game and earn some exciting rewards, including the Beta Wolf Pack. This exclusive reward has already captured the hearts of more than a million players during the early access beta, motivating them to grind their way to level 20.

The Diablo 4 Open Beta Beta Wolf Pack Reward

The Beta Wolf Pack is an adorable, animated cosmetic backpack featuring a fuzzy wolf puppy snugly wrapped in a red blanket. While it serves no in-game purpose, many players find the prospect of having a cute companion on their adventures irresistible.

The Early Access Beta

Number of Players Reaching Level 20

During the Diablo 4 early access beta, which ran from March 17 to March 19, over a million players reached level 20, earning the Beta Wolf Pack reward. This impressive milestone showcases the dedication of Diablo fans and their love for in-game cosmetics.

Issues Encountered During the Beta

Despite the success of the early access beta, players did experience some issues, such as long queue times and server instability. Additionally, some gamers expressed concerns about the randomly generated dungeons and repetitive floor layouts, which often required backtracking.

The Open Beta

Dates and Availability

The Diablo 4 open beta is set to run from March 24 to March 27, allowing everyone the chance to try out the game. Players who didn’t reach level 20 during the early access beta will be able to carry their progress over to the open beta and continue working towards the Beta Wolf Pack reward.

Progress Carrying Over from Early Access

Any titles and the Beta Wolf Pack reward earned during the early access beta will carry over into the full release of Diablo 4 in June. However, other progress will not be transferred.

Beta Rewards

Titles and Cosmetics

Diablo 4’s beta offers various rewards for players who achieve certain milestones. Players can earn the Initial Casualty title by reaching the town of Kyovashad and the Early Voyager title by reaching level 20. The highly coveted Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic is also unlocked at level 20.

How to Earn the Rewards

To earn the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic, players must reach level 20 during either the early access or open beta weekends. Those who participated in the early access beta will have their progress carried over to the open beta, giving them more time to reach level 20 and earn the reward.

Character Customization in Diablo 4 Beta

The Diablo 4 beta also features a robust character creator, which has received praise from players. One gamer even managed to create a convincing replica of Kratos from the God of War series using the available customization tools.

Positive Feedback on Diablo 4 Beta

Despite the issues encountered during the early access beta, feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive. Gamers have praised the combat, cutscenes, graphics, and gameplay of Diablo 4. The beta has successfully generated excitement and anticipation for the full release in June.

The Diablo 4 open beta is an exciting opportunity for gamers to experience the latest installment in the beloved series. With more than a million players reaching level 20 during the early access beta to earn the adorable Beta Wolf Pack reward, it’s clear that players are dedicated and passionate about the game. While there have been some hiccups during the early access beta, overall feedback has been positive, and the open beta is expected to draw even more players. As the Diablo 4 community continues to grow and eagerly awaits the full release, the open beta promises to offer a thrilling taste of the action-packed adventures that lie ahead.

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