Golf Blitz Promo Codes 2023 March

Introducing Golf Blitz Promo Codes 2023, an excellent resource for players looking to enhance their gameplay in the popular mobile game, Golf Blitz. Developed by Noodlecake for Android and iOS, Golf Blitz has captivated over a million players with its unique twist on golf, real-time multiplayer battles, and wildly creative courses. Our updated promo codes primarily offer gems and Noodle Packs to help you conquer courses and upgrade your golf equipment.

Golf Blitz is a thrilling real-time multiplayer golf game that challenges players to compete against friends or global opponents to rise to the top of the leaderboard. With over 200 unlockable avatars, hats, clubs, and power-ups like sticky balls and grenades, Golf Blitz presents an entirely new way to experience golf. Customize your golfer, level up their skill set, and face the exciting special challenge modes to win exclusive prizes. Don’t miss out on this outrageously fun golf experience!

List of Golf Blitz Promo Codes 2023 March

Below we have created two lists for Golf Blitz codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you gems, potions, gold and many more. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Golf Blitz Promo CodesReward
brettgangRedeem this promo code for 1 Noodle Pack
ACCOUNTSECUREDRedeem this promo code for 100 Gems
In total there are no less than 6 codes to get a nice loot.

Expired Golf Blitz Codes

Alas, it is now too late to use them, the creator UnlockGame has put an expiration date.

  • SSUNDEE – 1 Mega Pack
  • PRIDE2022 – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more (expire on June 30th, 2022)
  • thelastcode – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more (expire on May 12th, 2022)
  • eggstreme – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more (Added on April 16th, 2022)
  • Quatro4lyfe – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more (Added on April 2nd, 2022)
  • overtherainbow – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more
  • stayfrosty – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more
  • superb-owl – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more
  • BUXGATE – gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more
  • YEAROFTHETIGER – 100 Gems, Noodle Pack, Cards and many more
  • PRIDE – Pride Hat and Trail
  • BUXME – x1 Noodle Pack

How do I redeem a Golf Blitz Promo Code ?

Golf Blitz Codes

To redeem a code in the game and get loot and resources, you need to follow these few steps :

  • Click on the settings button in the top left corner of the page.
  • In the new window that opens, choose the “Redeem” menu item
  • Write the codes in the box above.
  • Click on the “Redeem” button to get your reward

Where to get new Golf Blitz codes ?

You can find lots of information and new game content on 2 social networks. The codes are also distributed there. This is their official Reddit account and their facebook page

What are Golf Blitz codes ?

These are bonuses intended to thank the player or to compensate for the server maintenance, by giving them gems, Noodle Pack and many more items

When will the next Golf Blitz codes be created?

Apart from permanent codes, there has been very little creation. We think that there will be some only for the big events, like birthdays, Christmas or new year.

What is Golf Blitz ?

Over a million players have been enthralled by the original and difficult golfing gameplay of the Noodlecake game Golf Blitz for Android and iOS. Players control miniature golf courses and tracks while customizing their golfer with a variety of unlockable avatars, hats, clubs, and other accessories.

Experience exhilarating real-time multiplayer golf battles like never before. Join forces with friends or compete against global players to ascend the clubhouse ranks. Golf Blitz features wildly imaginative courses, a host of power-ups such as sticky balls, grenades, and lasers, and endless opportunities to personalize your golfer.

Golf Blitz offers a fast-paced, no-holds-barred experience as a modern update to the multiplayer Race Mode of the acclaimed Super Stickman Golf series. Golf races in real time with four other players can be played to earn trophies and a place on the global leaderboard. Golfer avatars and hats come in more than 75,000 combinations, so you can show off your individual style.

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