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Hogwarts Legacy Mod Adds Thomas The Tank Engine

A new Hogwarts Legacy mod has hit the gaming community, featuring Thomas the Tank Engine. This weird mod replaces the Hogwarts Express with the children’s TV character, Thomas. Modders are exploring the capabilities of Avalanche Software’s newest title, and it seems the possibilities are endless.

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been mired in controversy due to J.K. Rowling’s comments on the transgender community, which has caused a boycott of the game among many gamers. Recently, Games Done Quick banned Hogwarts Legacy and other Harry Potter games from its speedrunning charity events, which will be a blow to franchise fans. Despite all the issues, Avalanche Software has continued to distance itself from Rowling, and it seems this will remain the company’s position.

User Pekempy uploaded the mod, titled “The Hog-Thomas Express,” to Nexus Mods. The mod simply swaps the Hogwarts Express with Thomas the Tank Engine, which looks weird in the game. Although the mod is currently only an asset swap, the modder plans to add Thomas’ theme song in the future. Hogwarts Legacy has already received many weird and wonderful mods, with one modder adding Shrek as a flyable broom to Hogwarts Legacy, providing Thomas with tough competition for the strangest mod title.

Thomas the Tank Engine mods are common

Thomas the Tank Engine mods are common in games that can be modded, probably due to the strange juxtaposition between a children’s show character and often serious games, which makes Thomas hilarious to mod into games. This trend began with 2011’s Skyrim and hasn’t gotten old yet, making it part of gaming culture for over 11 years. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we might see Thomas the Tank Engine mod in more titles in the future.

Avalanche Software’s focus has shifted towards supporting Hogwarts Legacy post-launch, with a great opportunity to provide more content for the game due to its strong sales. While a sequel is possibly in the planning phases, the developer should use this opportunity to capitalize on the game’s moment in the public eye by releasing more content. In the meantime, the modding community has already begun to show what they can add to Hogwarts Legacy, which will only get better as they get more familiar with the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod featuring Thomas the Tank Engine is an exciting and bizarre addition to the game that has caught the attention of many players. Despite the controversies surrounding the game’s release, the gaming community continues to explore the game’s endless possibilities, and the modding community has already started adding weird and wonderful mods to the game.

An interactive map of Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Legacy has become a smash hit in the gaming world thanks to its immersive open-world gameplay set in the Wizarding World. From attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to exploring the Scottish Highlands and battling dark forces, players are treated to a rich and engaging experience filled with secrets and surprises. However, navigating the vast world and discovering all the hidden secrets can be a challenge, especially for newer players. Thankfully, a dedicated group of Hogwarts Legacy fans has created a fully interactive map of Hogwarts Castle that’s designed to guide players through every path, locked door, collectible, and more. With this handy resource, players can explore the game’s many secrets and hidden treasures with ease, making their Hogwarts Legacy experience all the more enjoyable.


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