Looted Treasures Redeem Codes 2023 March

Get ready to set sail with Looted Treasures Redeem Codes 2023, which will help you obtain valuable rewards such as diamonds and gold to enhance your gaming experience. Offered by W.T.GROUP, these redeem codes are released sparingly, but we’ll keep you updated as new codes become available.

Looted Treasures is an exciting mobile adventure game where you assemble a crew from over 100 different pirates to explore the vast and perilous oceans. Navigate mysterious seas, raise the black flag, and guide your main character towards legendary status, all while enjoying the game’s captivating anime style. Looted Treasures codes provide players with Diamonds, Lottery Tickets, and Gold as a token of appreciation or compensation for server maintenance.

Embark on an unforgettable journey across endless, treacherous seas filled with surprises and dangers. Assemble your ultimate pirate crew, hoist your skull flag, and set out in search of the fabled Treasure Island in Looted Treasures, a thrilling adventure game that boasts stunning anime-style graphics and engaging weekly events.

List of Looted Treasures Redeem Codes 2023

Below we have created two lists for Looted Treasures codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you Diamonds, Lottery Ticket and Gold. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Looted Treasures Redeem Codes 2023Reward
KZ05–0003-QFMS-33ZC50 Diamonds, Lottery Ticket and 50000 Gold
KZ04–0006-J9GL-QMHV50 Diamonds, Lottery Ticket and 50000 Gold
In total there are no less than 2 codes to get a nice loot.

Expired codes for Looted Treasures

Alas, it is now too late to use them, the creator W.T.GROUP has put an expiration date.

How do I redeem a Looted Treasures Redeem Code ?

Looted Treasures Codes

To redeem a code in Looted Treasures you must follow this tutorial. First launch the game and click on your profile located at the top left of the screen. The option window then opens. In it, click on the “Redeem Code” button at the bottom. Then enter one of the codes from our list in the text field “Enter redeem code here” then click on the red “Confirm” button. You will get your loot immediately.

Where to get new codes for Looted Treasures?

Looted Treasures and W.T.GROUP are present on some social networks, and it is on them that they release their codes for the game. We check them every day and you can find different tips and guides. Here are the links to their networks:

What is Looted Treasure ?

Looted Treasures is an immersive mobile adventure game that invites players to explore dangerous oceans filled with mystery and peril. With over 100 unique pirates to choose from, you can create your ideal pirate crew and set out on a journey to achieve legendary status. The game is presented in a visually stunning anime style, and Looted Treasures codes offer valuable bonuses like Diamonds, Lottery Tickets, and Gold as a thank you to players or compensation for server maintenance.

The latest version (1.1.3035) of Looted Treasures, developed by W.T.GROUP, has already gained over 50,000 installations on Google Play. As you navigate through the endless seas, be prepared for the unexpected dangers and surprises lurking within the mist. Quickly assemble your dream pirate crew, hoist your skull flag, and embark on the quest for the legendary treasure island.

With hundreds of pirates at your disposal, easily train and level up your crew to reach legendary status. Immerse yourself in the game’s rich storyline, brought to life by beautiful anime-style graphics. Enjoy weekly updates, fun themed events, and the chance to earn exclusive rewards, such as legendary pirates. Set sail on a thrilling adventure with Looted Treasures and uncover the secrets hidden beneath the waves.

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