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Need For Speed Unbound Update Trailer Teases

Need for Speed Unbound, the latest installment in the popular racing franchise by Criterion Games and Electronic Arts, has released a thrilling trailer teasing the upcoming free content update. Scheduled to roll out on March 21st, 2023, this update promises new cars, events, and more, hoping to breathe new life into the game following mixed reviews since its November 2022 launch.

New Cars and Events Galore

The “Volume 2” update in Need for Speed Unbound seeks to satisfy its loyal fans by bringing a plethora of novel content. This encompasses extra events and hot laps, offering players innovative methods to engage with the game’s surroundings. While this update signifies progress, it is uncertain whether it will be sufficient to sway those fans discontented with the game’s mechanics and general ambiance.

Update Details – Expanding the Racing Experience

Launching on March 21, 2023, the “Volume 2” update will feature 40 new challenges, daily challenges, and the Hot Laps circuit – short, 30-second time trials. Players can look forward to new cosmetics, including effects, poses, and stickers, as well as more car options. The update also introduces new playlists and events like Endurance Events and Rumble Races, enhancing the racing experience.

Multiplayer Fun and Premium DLC

Need for Speed Unbound update also offers multiplayer races, enabling players to compete with or against their friends while evading the police for greater rewards. In addition to the free content, a premium DLC will be available, titled “Keys to the Map.” Priced at $4.99, it reveals the game’s 260 collectibles and 160 activities while including the Fury and Zen clothing pack.

Future Updates and Continuous Improvement

Criterion Games has announced that the “Volume 2” update is the first in a series of post-launch updates, demonstrating their commitment to improving the game for its fans. While no further details have been provided, players can anticipate more exciting content in the future.

Need for Speed Unbound’s first big update aims to revitalize the game with a wealth of new cars, events, and features. Scheduled for release on March 21st, 2023, both fans and critics eagerly await the impact of this free update on the game’s overall reception and player base.


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