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SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : Best Characters 2023 January

Discover the ultimate team-building resource with our SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List, featuring all characters ranked by power and performance. This guide sorts characters from Tier S to Tier D, with S Tier heroes being the most powerful. Utilize our tier list to create an unbeatable team in the exciting RPG, SEOUL Apocalypse.

SEOUL Apocalypse is a stylish AFK RPG developed by Super Awesome Inc. In this game, players assemble a team of heroes, combining cards in their deck to exploit skills and outperform opponents. Experience non-stop action and thrilling excitement as you break through stages with the perfect deck combination.

In SEOUL Apocalypse, the fight for survival is fierce, as players unable to enter the underground city must become stronger to endure the chaos. Enjoy the stylish action and realistic webtoon cutscenes as you recruit the nation’s strongest players, from Gangnam to Gangbuk. With our tier list, create the ultimate deck and conquer the relentless battles that await—even when you’re offline!

How does this SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List work?

We have classified the characters in the game into five categories. This goes from Tier S which contains the best characters in SEOUL Apocalypse and then Tier A which contains all the good ones to the last category, Tier D which contains all the unplayable ones.

  • Tier-S: All characters in this category are the strongest in the game and therefore outperform all others.
  • Tier-A: They are considered good characters, easy to play and effective.
  • Tier-B: These are the heroes you’ll use if you start the game, but you’ll have to replace them quickly with better ones.
  • Tier C: Clearly, these are just for starters and should be avoided.
  • Tier D: These are the least effective characters in the game. Only use them if you are really strong.

You should always save your Diamonds and Kiz for your S-rank or maximum A-rank characters. If you need more, you can also use our SEOUL Apocalypse codes.

SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : S Rank

Here is the list of all the best characters of SEOUL Apocalypse. They are 12 in total to be part of this ranking.

  1. Weng
  2. Gust
  3. Firey Fist
  4. Dual Gun H
  5. Volly B
  6. Scissors
  7. Between
  8. Han
  9. Spike
  10. Gymnast
  11. Firebug
  12. Bruce Kang

SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : A Rank

Here you have all the characters that are good, powerful and usable in many situations. By reaching their maximum level, they can be overpowered.

  1. Jason
  2. Frencing Kiz
  3. Baldo
  4. Brian Kim
  5. Street Rifleman
  6. Axe Assaultar
  7. Sledgehammer
  8. Wondering Swordman
  9. Demolition Expert
  10. Crushing Specialist
  11. Cyborg Mk2
  12. Security Guard

SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : B Rank

The 15 characters below are pretty average/good to start playing SEOUL Apocalypse. However, don’t waste your resources on upgrading them unless you don’t have anything better in your deck.

  1. Mr Pump
  2. Jacket
  3. Tow – Tone
  4. Big Bear
  5. Kendo
  6. Chef Choi
  7. Mechanic D
  8. Yelena
  9. Pwangko
  10. Crux
  11. Needle
  12. Shaman
  13. Bullsye
  14. Basterd
  15. Racket

SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : C Rank

Below are the 6 characters of the game that you will surely start with. They are rather weak and will be easily eliminated by the opposing teams.

  1. Doctor H
  2. Lucky
  3. Jin
  4. Jumbo
  5. Thunder
  6. Mr Paper

SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List : D Rank

The 9 heroes of SEOUL Apocalypse in this last Tier List are there to… how to say… make an appearance and have the merit to exist. Don’t expect to defeat your opponents with them

  1. Lee Ga
  2. Scar
  3. Penny
  4. Emma
  5. Scalpel
  6. Stone Blade
  7. Moses
  8. Crown
  9. TigerD

About Seoul Apocalypse Tier List

Our SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List guide is designed to help you optimize your team by showcasing the best characters ranked by power and performance. Sorted from Tier S to Tier D, the list makes it easy to identify the most powerful heroes, with S Tier characters outperforming those in the D Tier.

SEOUL Apocalypse is a stylish AFK RPG developed by Super Awesome Inc. The game allows you to progress even when offline, providing non-stop excitement. Players must create a team of heroes by combining cards in their deck, exploiting each character’s unique skills to become stronger than their adversaries. The SEOUL Apocalypse Tier List is an invaluable resource for choosing the ideal characters for your deck.

Set in a world where the survivors who couldn’t enter SEOUL’s underground city must become stronger to withstand the chaos, this game is all about assembling the ultimate team. As you progress, you’ll recruit the nation’s strongest players from Gangnam to Gangbuk, such as Thunder, Jumbo, Lucky, Jin-su, and TigerD. Enjoy the stylish action, realistic webtoon cutscenes, and the thrill of breaking through the stages with the best deck combination.

In SEOUL Apocalypse, the battle continues even when you’re offline, accumulating rewards and experience. Use our tier list to create the strongest deck and survive the relentless challenges ahead.

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