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Serenity Forge Reveals Paradise Killer Physical Editions

Paradise Killer, the acclaimed indie RPG from Kaizen Game Works, is getting physical editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. This investigative adventure game has captured the hearts of players and critics alike, and the physical editions promise to offer some creative collectibles to make the experience even more special.

Release Date and Pre-Order Information

While no official release date has been announced for the physical editions of Paradise Killer, fans can pre-order them now. The Collector’s Edition store page states that pre-orders will not ship until Q3 2023. Both the Standard and Collector’s Editions can be pre-ordered from the Serenity Forge Online Store and Amazon.

Gameplay Trailer and New In-Game Content

A new gameplay trailer has been released, which offers a glimpse of the upcoming in-game content as well as some well-deserved accolades. The trailer promises to deliver even more of what made Paradise Killer so popular in the first place – unexpected characters and settings, dense lore, and compelling art design that breaks tradition from the genre.

Imaginative Premise and Unusual Design

Paradise Killer is an open-world murder mystery game that features a free-form, first-person exploration investigation style. Players get to investigate the mass murder of Paradise Island’s ruling council by piecing together clues and forming their own arguments to present in the end game trial. By choosing how to interrogate suspects and finding evidence in any order, the player will discover not a singular truth but a truth they shape and craft.

The game’s considerable imaginative premise inspired a clear vision that was executed well, and that personality seems to come through the physical editions too. The game’s unusual design makes all of your detective work a genuine challenge. The open world is densely packed with lore and feels naturally lived in. The art design itself is compelling, making the most of a vibrant island setting.

Serenity Forge Reveals Paradise Killer Physical Editions 2

Standard and Collector’s Editions

The physical editions of Paradise Killer will be available in both a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition includes some impressive components, such as a themed mousepad featuring Crimson Acid, one of the game’s characters. It also comes with acrylic standees that boast a colorful base and better quality than similar releases.

The Standard Edition will be sold for $39.99, whereas the Collector’s Edition will be sold for $89.99. Each copy of both editions includes a physical copy of the game, a lenticular art card, a vinyl sticker sheet, and a soundtrack download card.

Paradise Killer has become a cult classic in the indie RPG scene, and the upcoming physical editions are set to bring even more excitement to fans of the game. With an unusual design, compelling art, and an imaginative premise, this game is sure to be a hit with players who enjoy a good mystery. Pre-order your copy of the physical editions now and get ready to uncover the truth behind the mass murder on Paradise Island.


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