Shakes and Fidget Gift Codes 2023 March

Shakes & Fidget is a medieval cartoon RPG that offers a variety of redeemable gift codes providing benefits like Keys, Gold, Lucky Coins, Quicksand Hourglass, and Books. These codes have a limited lifespan, so it is important to redeem them promptly. Playa Games, the creator of Shakes and Fidget, offers gift codes rarely, but they are regularly listed to offer players in-game resources like gold. These resources help players explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and unlock chests. With over 50 million users, Shakes & Fidget is one of the top award-winning cartoon role-playing games in English-speaking countries.

In Shakes & Fidget, players create their own medieval comic character and embark on epic quests, meet different heroes, and fight legendary monsters. Players can customize their hero and equip them with the best weapons and armor to succeed in quests. Additionally, players can build their fortress and guild to mine powerful gems, train soldiers, and go on quests to gain epic loot.

Join Shakes & Fidget, the free fantasy RPG, and enjoy a unique comic with an animated look and humor, thousands of medieval weapons and epic equipment, PVE and PVP gameplay, exciting quests and spooky dungeons, and free-to-play with regular updates. Be brave, become a legend, and rule the medieval world with your unique hero!

List of Shakes and Fidget Gift Codes 2023

Below we have created two lists for Shakes and Fidget codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you Gold, Coins and Keys. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Shakes and Fidget Gift Codes 2023
MERRYEPICSaturday December 24th, this Christmas Eve code will give you Gold, Coins and Keys
5ZUIFIAGH6YD8Gold, Coins and Keys (Added on 15th June)
S0S300URGTO79Gold, Coins and Keys (Added on 10th June)
KNHMZKPYTYE6EGold, Coins and Keys (Added on 9th June)
Lucky22Gold, Coins and Keys (Added on 17th March)
HEART_22Specially created for Valentine’s Day, this code is redeemable for a pet
HELLEVATOR_22This is the 1st code of the game released by the publisher. It is exchangeable for 25 key cards for the Hellevator

How do I redeem a Shakes and Fidget Gift Code ?

In order to redeem a code in Shakes and Fidget you need to follow a few steps. Also you will have to advance a lot in the story to unlock the “Events” menu. But first, click on the “settings” button at the bottom left of the screen. Then select the “Events Coupon” menu and enter one of the codes from our lists. Please note that the menu is not always available.

What are Shakes and Fidget codes ?

These are bonuses intended to thank the player or to compensate for the server maintenance, by giving them Gold, Coins and Keys.

Where to get new codes for Shakes and Fidget?

They are present on some social networks, and it is on them that they release their codes for the game. We check them every day and you can find different tips and guides. Here are the links to their networks: Facebook and Twitter

What are the tips for using the codes?

In general, always save the rewards for later in the game. Indeed, at the beginning, you need only few resources and little time to evolve.

What is Shakes and Fidget ?

Shakes & Fidget is an immensely popular cartoon-style RPG set in the medieval era, boasting a mind-boggling 50 million players worldwide. The game has captivated players from English-speaking countries, and its regular updates and new features continue to keep players hooked.

Adventure, magic, dungeons, and epic quests are all featured in the free-to-play, entertaining, and satirical role-playing game Shakes & Fidget. For players to enjoy alone or with friends, it offers thousands of medieval weapons and items, exhilarating quests, and eerie dungeons. It is a top game in English-speaking nations for players of all ages and genders thanks to frequent free updates that keep the game exciting and new. A living medieval legend can be created by joining the millions of players!

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