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Sonic Frontiers Update: Unleashing New Modes, Music, and Memories

The first content update of 2023 for Sonic Frontiers is coming up on Wednesday, March 22 at 5 pm PT / Thursday, March 23 at 1 am CET. This update brings new features like Photo Mode, Jukebox, and Challenge Modes, allowing players to dive deeper into the world of Sonic and have even more fun!

Photo Mode

Capture your favorite moments and memories from Sonic Frontiers using the new Photo Mode. Access this feature by heading to the pause menu and selecting Photo Mode. This will pause gameplay and bring up a freely moving camera, allowing you to position the photo to your liking. Snap photos of Sonic in action or exploring the beautiful landscapes of Starfall Islands. Choose between seven visual filters to add flair to your photos, and use the grid or reset camera options for framing the perfect shot.


Jam out to your favorite Sonic tunes with the new Jukebox feature, available throughout Starfall Islands. The Jukebox includes tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games, such as:

  • Sega Sound Team, Tomoya Ohtani, Merry Kirk-Holmes – I’m Here (Sonic Frontiers)
  • Crush 40 – Live & Learn (Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Crush 40 – Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)
  • Sega Sound Team, Tomoya Ohtani – Reach For The Stars (Sonic Colors Ultimate), and much more.

Players can unlock the Jukebox by collecting Sound Memories on each island, which are represented by orange music notes. To change the music on the island, press right on the directional-pad or hold to open the song list. The Jukebox can also be disabled in the Options menu.

New Challenge Modes

Upon completing Sonic Frontiers’ main story campaign, players can unlock new Challenge Modes. The Cyber Space Challenge is a time-attack mode where players race against the clock to finish seven stages from each island (Kronos, Ares, Chaos). The Battle Rush challenge, on the other hand, is a timed-battle mode where players rapidly defeat multiple rounds of enemies, Guardians, and Titans in one go.

Upcoming Updates and Additional Content

The 2023 content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers kicked off with this update, but there’s more to come. The next update is expected to be even bigger, with celebrations for Sonic’s birthday, new playable characters, and more. Stay tuned for specifics about release timing and content for the upcoming updates.

In conclusion, the March 22 update for Sonic Frontiers brings exciting new features and modes for players to enjoy. With Photo Mode, the Jukebox, and new Challenge Modes, this update is sure to keep Sonic fans entertained and immersed in the world of Sonic Frontiers.

Immersive PlayStation 5 Experience

The PlayStation 5’s powerful hardware has allowed the Sonic Team to create an incredibly immersive experience for Sonic Frontiers. Hiroki Tokunaga, Sonic Team Lead Programmer, shared insights on how the team took advantage of the console’s capabilities to provide the vast open-zone freedom that only Sonic can deliver.

The ultra-high-speed SSD in the PS5 removes barriers to play, creating seamless and dynamic gameplay experiences. With faster load times and smoother transitions, players can fully enjoy the speed and action of Sonic Frontiers without interruptions.

Speed Strats Series

For those who want to master their gameplay strategies and explore the Starfall Islands to their fullest potential, the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel offers a helpful resource. The Sonic Frontiers: Speed Strats series provides valuable tips and tricks to help you become the most formidable force in the frontier.

Learn from expert players and discover hidden secrets throughout the islands. Enhance your skills and knowledge by watching the series, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Sonic Frontiers pro.

Community Engagement

Sonic Frontiers encourages players to engage with the community, sharing their experiences, screenshots, and tips with fellow Sonic fans. Participate in online forums and social media platforms to connect with others who share your passion for Sonic Frontiers. Discuss strategies, share your favorite Jukebox tracks, and show off your impressive Photo Mode captures.

The Sonic community is known for its enthusiasm and creativity. Share your thoughts on the latest update and contribute to the ongoing conversations surrounding Sonic Frontiers. The community’s input and feedback are invaluable for shaping the future of the game and its upcoming content updates.

The March 22 update for Sonic Frontiers has added an exciting range of new features and modes to the game. With its focus on enhancing the player’s experience, this update is sure to keep Sonic fans engaged and entertained for hours on end.

As Sonic Frontiers continues to evolve and grow, players can look forward to even more content, challenges, and features in the upcoming updates. Stay tuned to the official channels for announcements and news, and don’t forget to immerse yourself in the Sonic community to make the most of your Sonic Frontiers experience.

So, gear up and get ready to explore the thrilling world of Sonic Frontiers with its latest update, and remember to always keep the spirit of adventure alive!

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