Starsurge Rising Gift Codes 2023 March

Discover Starsurge Rising Gift Codes 2023, a valuable addition to your journey in the immersive mobile role-playing game, Starsurge Rising. These limited but powerful gift codes offer crucial resources, such as gold, experience potions, and upgrade gems, to help you advance in the game.

Starsurge Rising, developed by Origin Games, transports you to a realm of epic inter-server battles where you’ll choose from four distinct classes. Embark on a multitude of quests to collect resources, mounts, and more, all while enjoying the game’s stunning 3D unity engine and 360° film-quality views.

In Starsurge Rising, awaken ancient spirit guardians, pillage powerful gear, and tame legendary mounts. The game boasts an incredibly high drop rate, free-trade system, and a range of immersive features, from mythical mounts and stylish skins to thrilling cross-server battles. With countless benefits and mythical adventures awaiting you, it’s time to become the ultimate conqueror in Starsurge Rising.

List of Starsurge Rising Gift Codes 2023 March

Below we have created two lists for Starsurge Rising codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you gems, potions, gold and many more. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Starsurge Rising Gift Codes 2023Reward
etj2wq7ke5iaRedeem for code for Gold 3M, B.Ingots x200, Lv.4 Gem Chest x1 and 3x EXP Potion x1 (New)
SSRSEA019999Redeem for code for 1M Gold, x2 1.5x EXP Potion and x5 Alchemy Material Chest
SSRSEA059999Redeem for code for 3M Gold, x1 Lv.3 HP Gem and x1 Lv.3 ATK Gem
SSRSEA099999Redeem for code for x1 2x EXP Potion, x50 Skill Method, x30 HP Spar and x30 ATK Spar
SSRSEA199999This is the 2nd code of the game, it is redeemable for x200 B.Ingot, x1 Lv.4 Divine Servant Essence, x35 Great Power Pellet and x20 Divine Servant Rank Up Pellet
SSRSEA399999This is the 1st code of the game, you will receive x50 Mount Rank Up Pellet, x50 Spirit Rank Up Pellet, x1 Lv.5 Devil Spiritual Fruit and x1 Purple EXP Glyph
In total there are no less than 6 codes to get a nice loot.

Expired Starsurge Rising Codes

Alas, it is now too late to use them, the creator UnlockGame has put an expiration date.

  • none at this day

How do I redeem a Starsurge Rising Gift Code ?

To redeem a code in the game and get loot and resources, you need to follow these few steps :

  • Start the game and click on the “Benefits” icon in the top left corner of the page.
  • In the new window that opens, choose the “CDK Exchange” menu item
  • Bring in the codes in the text box “Enter the CDK exchange code“.
  • Click on the “Claim” button to get your reward

Where to get new Starsurge Rising codes ?

Among all the social networks and usual communication modes, for this game we have only one source of information. It is the Starsurge Rising on Facebook account. In addition to the codes, they also broadcast events that will make you win additional loot.

What are Starsurge Rising codes ?

These are bonuses intended to thank the player or to compensate for the server maintenance, by giving them Resource Voucher, Diamonds, Gold Chest and many more items

When will the next Starsurge Rising codes be created?

Apart from permanent codes, there has been very little creation. We think that there will be some only for the big events, like birthdays, Christmas or new year.

What is Starsurge Rising ?

Starsurge Rising, a captivating mobile role-playing game by Origin Games, invites you to partake in epic inter-server battles across four distinct classes. With numerous quests to help you progress and gather resources, mounts, and more, you’ll enjoy the immersive 360° film-quality views provided by the cutting-edge 3D unity engine.

In this fantastical world, you’ll experience epiphanies, awaken ancient spirit guardians, pillage powerful gear, and tame elusive mounts. Boasting four classes and numerous avenues for development, Starsurge Rising features multi-transfer quests to break boundaries and ascend to higher levels. Forge alliances and join forces in cross-server battles, proving yourself as a formidable conqueror.

Starsurge Rising’s impressive features include an incredibly high drop rate, a free-trade system for all equipment, and the ability to awaken spirits and transfer classes freely. Indulge in serendipitous romantic adventures, complete with gorgeous skins and lively wedding parties. Tame mythical mounts and showcase your unique style with countless skins, vying for the title of fashion icon.

Engage in exhilarating cross-server battles in dynamic battlegrounds, uniting with your alliance in pursuit of the coveted godking title. With numerous benefits and mythical adventures at every turn, Starsurge Rising offers an abundance of welfare activities and rewards, ensuring your path to becoming the ultimate conqueror.

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