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Tales of Symphonia Remastered Plagued with Technical Issues, Bandai Namco Apologizes

Players report significant technical issues with Tales of Symphonia Remastered, prompting a formal apology from Bandai Namco.

Bandai Namco Apologizes for Technical Issues:

Bandai Namco has issued a public apology to fans of Tales of Symphonia Remastered for major performance issues with the multi-platform update that launched last week. The developer first announced the remastered version of the classic GameCube RPG late last year, bringing the beloved game to modern platforms. The RPG following the Chosen undertaking the “Journey of World Regeneration” has become a fan-favorite from the Tales franchise, receiving ports to multiple consoles since its initial debut. Now, players have reported severe problems with the newest version.

Fans Express Concerns:

Fans of Tales of Symphonia already had some concerns before the game’s launch last week from pre-release information about the game. Bandai Namco had previously confirmed the newest version of the beloved RPG would be locked to 30 FPS, whereas the original version did not share the same hard cap. Some have even suggested the version of Tales of Symphonia being updated for the remaster was the PS2 version, which many fans feel is an inferior port.

Performance Issues Reported:

With Tales of Symphonia Remastered officially launching on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One last week, players have reported a variety of performance issues with the updated version. Players have confirmed issues ranging from missing textures and long loading times to even the game crashing on multiple occasions. Problems with the game have become so rampant that Bandai Namco has issued a formal apology, confirming it is “investigating a fix” for the plethora of technical shortcomings in the RPG. Bandai Namco would specifically reference the Switch version of Tales of Symphonia when referring to the issues with the game.

Promotion and Fan Requests:

The recent release of Tales of Symphonia Remastered came alongside plenty of promotion from Bandai Namco, hyping up the new version of the classic RPG. The developer would slowly begin to upload episodes of the Tales of Symphonia anime to the studio’s official YouTube channel. Bandai Namco has since added a new episode to YouTube with each passing week with five episodes currently available to watch on the platform.

The popularity of Tales of Symphonia and Bandai Namco’s newest remaster has seen many fans asking about other Tales games potentially receiving new versions. Bandai Namco revealed it would consider other Tales remasters with Tales of Symphonia receiving a remaster due to its status as the first game released worldwide. Tales of Vesperia also previously received an updated version with Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition launching in early 2019. While Tales of Symphonia Remastered has seen a rocky launch, the game remains a fan favorite and a beloved classic from the iconic JRPG franchise.

Acknowledging the Issues:

Beloved RPG Tales of Symphonia’s recent remaster should’ve been met with applause from Tales series fans, but instead, the Switch version in particular has drawn some criticism for the various technical issues. And Bandai Namco is aware of them (via Abyssal Chronicles).

In a series of tweets, the official Japanese Tales series Twitter account acknowledged that there are “currently problems” with the Switch version in particular — which happens to be the highest-selling version of the game in Japan. The developer also confirms that “we are currently investigating on a fix” (thanks to Abyssal Chronicles’ a745 for translating).


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