Tamashi Rise of Yokai Redeem Codes 2023 March

Unlock incredible rewards and boost your progress in Tamashi Rise of Yokai with Redeem Codes 2023. EYOUGAME(USS) regularly adds these codes, often weekly, to help players level up their characters and obtain better equipment in this immersive anime-style 3D MMOARPG.

Tamashi Rise of Yokai takes you on an epic journey as a demon slayer, fighting alongside Yokai and Tamashi, the guardian spirits. Bring peace to a stunning world filled with danger and adventure. Redeem codes offer players bonuses, such as Gold, Diamonds, EXP, Enhance Gem, and Giftbox, as a thank you or compensation for server maintenance.

Embark on a thrilling quest in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai, where you’ll cross paths with various Yokai and Tamashi guardian spirits. Battle through a gorgeous yet perilous world, featuring captivating characters, an action-packed combat system, and breathtaking visual effects. Join forces with friends to confront the darkness and become the ultimate demon slayer!

List of Tamashi Rise of Yokai Redeem Codes 2023 March

Below we have created two lists for Tamashi Rise of Yokai codes. One containing the new ones that work and all the ones that are now expired. They will give you Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox. You can also check our list of mobile games with codes.

New Tamashi Rise of Yokai Redeem Codes 2023

In total there are no less than one code to get a nice loot.

  • WorldHealth – Redeem this code for Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox (expire on 9th April)
  • one11111 – Redeem this code for Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox (expire on 30th April)
  • Staysweet – Redeem this code for Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox (Added on 24th February)
  • RabbitYear – Redeem this code for Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox (Added on 28th January)
  • RubberDucky – For this Friday January 13th, here is a special code that will give you Enhance Gem and Giftbox until 15th
  • VIP6620 – Ornament Advance Order x2

Expired codes for Tamashi Rise of Yokai

  • ChoralDay
  • ShoppingRush – Here is the Blackfriday code. It is redeemable from 25 to 27 November for Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox
  • TougueRap – Gold, Diamonds, EXP , Enhance Gem and Giftbox (Expire on 13-nov, 2022)
  • Khabylame
  • UptownPumpk
  • Spooktober
  • Wackamole
  • Fatoren
  • Harvestmoon
  • cdplayer
  • lonelyday
  • Secret410
  • Popsicle
  • HoneyBeeee
  • obonlantern
  • backflipcat
  • wearebbf
  • dorritodew
  • bighotdog
  • AyamGoreng
  • Zipcodeday
  • Seafarer
  • Juneteenth

How do I redeem a Tamashi Rise of Yokai Redeem Code ?

How to redeem Tamashi Rise of Yokai Code

To redeem a Tamashi Rise of Yokai fan code, you must either click on Daily Benefits or relaunch the game. This button is located at the top right of the game. Then, on the left menu, click on “Redeem Giftpack” and then enter one of the valid codes in the “Tap to enter Activation Code” text field. Finally, press the “Claim” button to get your loot.

Where to get new codes for Tamashi Rise of Yokai?

Tamashi Rise of Yokai and EYOUGAME(USS) are present on some social networks, and it is on them that they release their codes for the game. We check them every day and you can find different tips and guides. Here are the links to their networks:

What is Tamashi: Rise of Yokai ?

is a 3D MMORPG game set in an anime-style world where players can team up with Yokai and Tamashi to fight against the demons that threaten their peaceful lives. As a demon slayer in Glamland, players can engage in thrilling battles with friends in various PvP modes, including Peak Arena, D. Warzone, and Clan war. They can also participate in Food Brawl, a Battle Royale mode where players must scramble for food and devour opponents while trying to avoid being preyed upon.

Players can also embark on Love Adventures with their lover, culminating in a grand wedding witnessed by the entire server and exclusive titles for both. In addition, there are various ways to gain power through Gear, Outfit, Aide, Spiritlic, and image, with each providing a unique gameplay experience.

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai offers a visually stunning world with cute characters, an immersive experience, and a finely-tuned action system. The game is a must-play for those who enjoy MMORPG games and want to become demon slayers in a magnificent yet dangerous world filled with all kinds of yokai and guardian spirits.

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