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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: World Premiere of Final Trailer Coming in March

Nintendo’s latest announcement is that on March 9th, 2023, the final trailer of the much-anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie adaptation will release. The world premiere of the trailer is to be featured in a new direct, which will be available to watch on Nintendo of America’s official YouTube channel at 9 AM Pacific Time.

Nintendo has carefully warned its fans that the upcoming direct will not reveal anything about the games in the franchise. Nevertheless, the accompanying promo image shows a Mario Kart theme, hinting that the upcoming trailer might also include similar elements. Some references in the image are the infamous blue shell, Rainbow Road, a glider, and a bike, which may imply that the trailer will feature some proper kart action.

Super Mario is a beloved character in the gaming industry, and the expectations have been high for the upcoming movie adaptation. Every detail that has been revealed about the movie has been nitpicked, so the final trailer is sure to be highly anticipated. The world premiere of the final trailer will be available to watch on March 9th, 2023, and will showcase the full potential of the film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct Announced for 9th March, Will Debut ‘Final Trailer’

Nintendo has announced that it will hold a brand new direct presentation for the Super Mario Bros. Movie on March 9th, 2023, which will focus on the upcoming Illumination and Nintendo animated film. The direct presentation will begin at 2 PM Pacific Time / 10 PM GMT on March 9th, and 8 AM AET on March 10th. The presentation will feature the “final trailer” for the movie, and no info on any games in the franchise will be shown during the direct.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled to launch in the UK and North America in April. However, depending on where you live in the world, you may get to see it a little bit earlier, or you may have to wait. The latest direct announcement comes with new artwork teasing the final trailer, featuring Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Mario, Toad, and Cranky Kong racing on Rainbow Road. The teaser image shows a Blue Shell hot on Mario’s tail, which adds to the excitement and anticipation for the film.

What We Know About the Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Switch Bundle

A recent rumor suggests that Nintendo is planning to release a new Nintendo Switch bundle associated with the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. movie. The rumored bundle will feature a red Nintendo Switch console, a digital code for the Super Mario Odyssey game, and an item related to the movie. It will be available in Europe on March 10, 2023, and priced at €269, which is roughly $287 USD.

Hardcore Nintendo fans who already own the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle may not feel the need to buy this new bundle, especially since it’s likely to be the Switch V2 model and not the latest OLED model. However, the collectible item related to the Super Mario Bros. movie may be enough to convince some fans to make the purchase.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of the most highly anticipated adaptations of a beloved game franchise, and the world premiere of its final trailer is sure to excite fans worldwide. The latest direct announcement confirms the upcoming presentation of the final trailer on March 9th, and the rumors of a potential Nintendo Switch bundle related to the movie will undoubtedly stir up even more excitement. Fans will have to wait until April to see the film’s full release, but for now, the final trailer will surely be worth the wait.


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