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Traha Global Tier List : Best Weapons 2023

Discover the best weapons for your adventure with our Traha Global Tier List, a comprehensive guide ranking the game’s seven weapon classes from Tier S to Tier D. Since its launch, Traha Global has captivated players with its engaging action RPG and MMORPG gameplay, combining an epic story with an expansive open world.

Developed by MOAI GAMES, Traha Global takes place in the warring kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad, where you must choose your side and weapon class. Our tier list will help you make the perfect choice for your character’s arsenal as you explore this vast world.

Traha Global is an immersive RvR MMORPG set in a vast open world where the kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad vie for supremacy. Players will experience the intense factional warfare between these nations, shaping their own destinies as heroes in this epic conflict. With stunning graphics powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Traha Global invites you to explore its massive, detailed world and enjoy unparalleled customization options. The innovative Infinity Class System allows for seamless class-switching, offering total gameplay freedom. Alongside the action, players can engage in various life skills, such as cooking, fishing, and blacksmithing, providing a diverse gaming experience in a war-torn world.

Traha Global Tier List : S Rank

This class contains the best weapons in the game, there is no better one. With it you will easily defeat your opponent, even more if you upgrade it. By the way, use only in-game resources for this class. We recommend you to save your diamond boxes for this one. If you want to get more, you can use our Traha Global codes.

  • Staff : Support and Attack

It is certainly the most powerful weapon in support or in attack. You have to master it in order to manage the right timing. The staff inflicts powerful AOE damage to all targeted enemies.

  • Knuckles : Attack

Unlike the staff, this weapon is a melee weapon, it will allow you to perform the most powerful attacks in close combat, but also to stun your enemies.

Greatsword : Defense and Attack

The Greatsword is a formidable weapon for survival if you play as a tank but also for attack, for example as a berserker.

Traha Global Tier List : A Rank

Tier-A contains noble weapons, consider them good and if you manage to master them, you can become very powerful.

  • Dual Blades : Attack

In this Tier-A, there is only one weapon, or rather two, the double blades. They are only intended for DPS (Damage Per Second). Although they take some practice to master, they are very fun to play.

Traha Global Tier List : B Rank

These are the beginning weapons of the game. Very versatile, but not exceptional. The best thing is to start with this one until you have something better.

  • Bow : Support and Attack

The bow is a ranged weapon with a high DPS. If you like to be discreet and manipulate your opponents, you can easily defeat them without them touching you.

  • Shield : Defense and Attack

The shield, mainly used by tanks, will offer you a great protection. It will increase your health points, damage received and therefore your defense. Some also use it as a DPS, it also allows to inflict damages.

Traha Global Tier List : C Rank

These are the weapons of the beginning of the game, the ones you will find very regularly on your way. They are not very useful, except to discover how they work.

Scythe : DPS and Tank

In concrete terms, this is the starting weapon in Traha Global, you will have to replace it as soon as possible if you want to progress quickly.

About Traha Global Tier List

Traha Global Tier List is your go-to guide to determine the best weapons for your journey through the action-packed MMORPG, Traha Global. With seven weapons ranked from Tier S to Tier D, this list offers an in-depth analysis of each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your character.

Developed by MOAI GAMES, Traha Global is a highly successful action RPG and MMORPG originating from South Korea, now available worldwide on both PC and mobile platforms. Set in the open world of the warring kingdoms of Vulcan and Naiad, you must choose your side and weapon class, navigating the complex landscape of cooperation and competition in this intense factional warfare.

As you explore the stunning open world powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Traha Global offers detailed customization options, allowing you to create a unique character. With the innovative Infinity Class System, experience total gameplay freedom as you switch between seven different classes and roles, mastering active combat skills to achieve victory in battle.

In this war-torn world, Traha Global also offers players the chance to enjoy various life skills, such as cooking, fishing, and blacksmithing. Engage in these activities to collect and craft items that aid your growth both in and out of battle, providing a well-rounded gaming experience.

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