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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Venom Gameplay Mechanics

There is a lot of anticipation among fans of the Marvel universe for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the upcoming tactical RPG from Firaxis Games and 2K. A growing number of details about the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Venom gameplay mechanics and cast of characters are emerging as the game’s release date approaches. Venom, who was just revealed as the game’s second DLC character, is one character in particular who is causing quite a stir. The gameplay of Venom in Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be examined in greater detail in this article, along with some tips on how to make the most of his special abilities on the battlefield.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Venom Gameplay Design:

After having previously encountered Venom as a Fallen villain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns it seemed fairly obvious how the character would be approached as a playable hero. However, much of his gameplay design as a boss seems to revolve around the use of Bind and the status effect Symbiote Skin, though Bind is only a minor mechanic of the playable character’s design if players want it to be, while Symbiote Skin is left to his boss iteration. Thankfully, there are some interesting changes to this design that also reflect how different Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Venom is once he is free from Lilith’s spell.

Character Background:

While Scarlet Witch and Hulk’s inclusion in Marvel’s Midnight Suns was expected after their reformation and rehabilitation, Venom’s addition to the roster was a bit more surprising. As a traditional antagonist, Venom is often known for his antiheroic tendencies, driven by the alien symbiote’s hunger or his long-standing rivalry with Spider-Man. However, in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players get to explore a different side of Venom as he joins the fight against evil forces at the Abbey. With his unique tactical gameplay, Venom is a valuable asset for players in both general missions and special encounters.

Ravenous Meter:

The symbiote’s need to consume organic matter is a favorable characteristic of Venom, and it is well-represented as a fundamental mechanic associated with him in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The Ravenous meter is unique to Venom and represents how much damage he is capable of, with three full bars of Ravenous depicting him at his strongest—resulting in a roughly 50 percent base damage increase.

Card Strategy:

Venom begins each encounter with a full Ravenous meter, but with each attack and heroic card played that meter will be consumed and ultimately decrease his damage output. Venom replenishes one bar of Ravenous at the start of each turn, but it is still a rare resource unless players have the cards to supplement it further.

This becomes incredibly important when considering which cards to play; Venom has a couple of abilities that dish out damage with the Chain effect, for example, which would otherwise seem insignificant if not for the damage output increase that is possible with a full Ravenous meter.

Devouring Strike:

Therefore, if players hang onto Venom’s Devouring Strike heroic card until they have all three bars of Ravenous replenished, they will be able to fully exploit his damage output with four hits chained together. Likewise, Devouring Strike does not consume a bar from the Ravenous meter on KO when upgraded, making it an essential heroic card to have if players want Venom to maintain as much damage output as possible.

Passive Ability:

Venom’s Ravenous meter continues to be invaluable when it comes to the character’s passive ability, which is earned and upgraded by befriending Eddie Brock in Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Abbey. Paired with Venom’s Insatiable Hunger skill card, the effects and shelf-life of the Ravenous meter can be exceptionally rewarding.

Insatiable Hunger:

Playing Insatiable Hunger grants one Ravenous bar to the meter, and also grants one additional Ravenous at the beginning of the next turn, meaning he will start the next turn with at least two bars of Ravenous out of three. But that is not all—on upgrade, Insatiable Hunger does not cost a card play.


Assimilation is a powerful skill card that is integral to Venom’s gameplay in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Once played, it applies the Quick effect to Venom’s attack and heroic cards, allowing him to draw additional cards when he knocks out enemies until the end of the turn. This ability can be a game-changer in certain situations and can help players gain an advantage in battles.

What’s more, Assimilation can also grant one bar of Ravenous when upgraded, making it an even more valuable card for Venom players. However, like all other golden cards in the game, Assimilation has an Exhaust effect, meaning players can only use it once per battle. Therefore, it’s important to use it strategically and at the right moment.

Venom proves to be a formidable addition to any team in Marvel’s Midnight Suns thanks to his adaptable skill set and distinctive Ravenous meter gameplay mechanic. He is a force to be reckoned with in battles thanks to his capacity for unleashing devastating attacks and chain combos. Furthermore, the player has a significant advantage thanks to his Assimilation skill card, which can make any encounter more favorable. His inclusion in the game will be welcomed by both devoted followers and newcomers to the character because he provides an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns never ceases to astound with its rich and captivating cast of characters, each of whom has unique gameplay elements and skills. Fans are sure to be thrilled by Venom’s inclusion as a playable hero, which will also deepen the game’s already complex combat system. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which combines strategy, deck-building, and superhero action, is quickly rising to the top of the list of the year’s most eagerly anticipated releases.


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